The Academic Advising Center is here to help first-year students:

  • Make your first schedule. Your first schedule usually begins with General Education courses. General Education (GE) courses are a good way to explore the range of academic programs on campus, as well as develop skills in writing, researching and critical inquiry. For those of you in majors with very structured curricula (engineering, many of the natural sciences, and art), your schedule will also include your major's required introductory or foundation courses.  All first year students are assigned a course placement level for English Composition, Math, and Foreign Language.
  • Learn about first year programs. First Year Interest Groups (FIGs), linked courses just for first year students, explore a topic, get you started in your major, and are a good way to get to know other students better.
  • Understand how AP/IB or college courses transfer to SUNY New Paltz. If you took AP/IB/or college courses while in high school, send official transcripts to SUNY New Paltz Admissions as soon as possible.
  • Find and use college resources. A few weeks into the semester, you will be assigned an academic adviser. Meet with your adviser early, specifically to seek help if you have questions or concerns about a course or an issue affecting your academic performance. Your advisor can point you to other important academic support resources.
  • Transition to academic life. You can check in with any advisor in the Advising Center to discuss your courses, academic performance, schedule changes, interests and goals. 
  • Plan courses for each semester following the college's advance registration process.
  • Take advantage of all SUNY New Paltz has to offer! The college has over 120 student organizations, as well as lectures, plays, musical performances, exhibits, and community service opportunities available on a regular basis.